Advice for taking action


It is important we remember to keep ourselves and others safe at events. We ask that you follow coronavirus guidelines issued by the Scottish Government at all our strikes. 


  •    Wear a mask at all times unless you are exempt for medical reasons.
  •    Make sure to stay socially distant by keeping two metres apart from everyone else at all times.
  •    Do not attend our strikes if you have tested positive for COVID-19.
  •    If you show any symptoms (persistent dry cough, loss of sense of smell and taste, fever) please do not attend our strikes.
  •    We recommend you bring your own hand sanitiser with you and use it regularly and after touching anything. 

Top Tips

Create a sign or banner to help spread your message 


Use chalk on the ground to leave messages


Share your strike on social media to help raise awareness of it 


Tell your friends and family why striking and climate action is so important 


Contact your local newspaper or radio station and invite them to attend the strike and report on what you’re doing


Research facts on climate justice and the solutions we need so you can tell other people about it 


Always work out your route to and from the strike location before you go, so check bus and train times

Bring a filled-up reusable water bottle and a snack with you 


Make sure you store your belongings safely in a school back, do not leave them anywhere!


Bring a coat and a spare jumper in case it rains 


Know your legal rights as a protestor 


It can be very noisy and busy at strikes so make sure you stay aware of your surroundings and take a step back if you start to feel nervous or trapped

Rules and Striking Culture

We want to keep everyone safe at our strikes so please follow the rules/striking culture followed by all striking organisations around the world-


  • No violence  
  • No property damage  
  • No littering  
  • No profit   
  • No hate  
  • Minimise your carbon footprint  
  • Always refer to science