Our Demands

Tell the Truth

A majority of the public is relatively indifferent to climate change and a lot of people don’t realise how much of an issue it is at the moment. There is very little time left to prevent climate change from becoming irreversible. The public must be educated on the subject so that they understand the necessity of doing their part to minimise their carbon footprint, and how to do so.


Carbon Neutral by 2030

Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are the three most prevalent greenhouse gases and their emissions must be curbed in order for climate change to be slowed down or reversed. In order to minimise emissions of these gases before it is too late, the government must implement initiatives to go carbon and emission neutral by 2030 and then go carbon negative.

Prioritise the climate crisis in education


The severity of climate change must be embedded more into the school curriculum than it is at present. Education is the first step towards lasting change, and communicating the severity of the issue from childhood would be extremely effective.


Implement a Scottish Green New Deal


The fights for climate justice and social justice are intrinsically linked; those who will suffer the most from the climate crisis are those who are already marginalised by our economic system.

The transition away from fossil fuels must not leave anyone behind. Everyone deserves equal opportunities, and so we must provide a just transition.

We need to make a system that works for everyone. A system which, free from the burden of private profit, values our wellbeing above all else. We can work towards this with a Green New Deal.