For immediate use: WEDNESDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER

GLOBAL DAY OF CLIMATE ACTION: Children and young people to strike from school on Friday 25th of September 2020 to demand more action on the climate crisis. 


On the 25th of September young people will once again be demonstrating alongside many other countries to demand more action on the climate crisis, organised by Scottish Youth Climate Strike (SYCS). In Edinburgh they will gather in front of the Scottish Parliament at 11am for a socially distanced protest. Fort William will also be striking outside Lochaber High School from 9am to 11am and Inverness will be protesting at Falcon Square from 11am to 1pm. 

There will be no physical protests at our other normal strike locations – Glasgow and Aberdeen -as they are currently under increased coronavirus restrictions. Instead, people from these cities are encouraged to take part in online actions, such as taking a photo with a sign and posting it on social media. 


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, over 40,000 people took to the streets across Scotland on September 20th 2019. As physical protesting no longer became safe, the strikers switched to digital striking and other online actions. 


The strikers have two main demands from this protest:

1.Kick-start a programme of public green job creation. To help safeguard our future, the Government must invest in green infrastructure projects such as energy efficiency, making transport sustainable and heating homes with renewables.

2.No public money to fossil fuel developments. The Government must not give public money to fossil fuel developments – including false solutions such as CarbonCapture and Storage and Hydrogen derived from fossil fuels. They must set a timetable for phasing out of fossil fuels and create a Just Transition plan for workers affected by these changes.


To ensure these protests do not put people at risk from coronavirus there will be precautions taken including wearing a mask, staying two metres away from others at all times and using the contact tracing app. There will be organisers with SYCS encouraging all participants, unless they are medically exempt, to follow these guidelines throughout the protests. If the risk of spreading the virus becomes too high to hold physical demonstrations, the organisers are prepared to cancel the strikes. 


Cerys Gough, 17, from Langholm said, 

“Every crisis must be treated as a crisis, and as the coronavirus pandemic has taken over our world we cannot ignore the climate emergency. We are still actively destroying our earth and governments have shown they can take decisive action on a health crisis, so why not the climate crisis?”


Holly Gillibrand, 15, from Fort William said, 

“The COVID19 crisis can’t be separated from the climate crisis as health crises are made far worse as a result of climate change. Smoke from increasingly bad wildfires are harming people’s lungs making them more susceptible to illness, particularly respiratory ones like coronavirus. 75% of all emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, which means they are passed from animals to humans. As long as we continue encroaching into natural habitats, we will keep exposing ourselves to diseases like coronavirus. The climate and ecological crisis is a health crisis.”


Dylan Hamilton, 16, from West Lothian said, 

“We have around 8 years left of our global carbon budget, to stay below a 1.5°C increase in global temperature from pre-industrial levels. That is completely unacceptable and a failure from governments all around the world. We need drastic action and we cannot wait and focus on our education while watching the world burn around us.” 


Point of Contact

Dylan Hamilton, +44 7860195759, 

Editor’s Notes

SYCS is a group of young people who have been organising school strikes to protest climate inaction since January 2019. It is part of a global movement called Fridays For Future which began in Sweden by Greta Thunberg in August 2018.