Strike With Us on September 24th

This September 24, 2021, our fight for genuine, intersectional climate justice continues with another Global Climate Strike. With the long-overdue COP26 fast approaching, disastrous climate impacts, vaccine inequity, and more socio-economic and political issues remain pressing problems for everyone, especially the Most Affected Peoples and Areas (MAPA).

We must stand more united than ever to emphasize the present, ongoing nature of the climate crisis, and clamor for immediate, just, and concrete action steps from our world leaders.

The current way of things has systematically marginalized billions of people around the world. With our call to #UprootTheSystem, we seek to address ecological and social crises at their roots by placing MAPA at the center of our struggle and struggling for a society that places people and planet over profit.

Our fight is a fight for the present and the future, alongside the most impacted sectors of society. Join us!


Local strike info below 

Contact us at to add your strike to the map.


We are meeting at 11am to march from Kelvingrove Park to George Square.


We are having a rally at 11 am outside the Scottish Parliament.



We are striking outside the Clock Tower on Quay Street at 8:30am.

We are marching from Port Street at 2pm.

We are marching from Thomson Memorial to Grant Part at 2pm.