The Death of our Planet

In order to symbolise the tragic death that our planet is coming to due to human the caused climate crisis, on the 21st September, we will be holding die-ins across Scotland.


Meet us at the Clydeside Ampitheatre at 10AM. We will then disperse around the city and hit multiple locations depending on our turnout.

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Meet us at the bottom of Middle Meadow Walk at 11AM. We will then disperse around the city and hit multiple locations.

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People Power

As we reach the tipping point of the climate crisis, it is imperative that we listen to peoples views and ensure a just transition away from carbon.

We will be holding People’s Assemblies around the country and drafting a People’s declaration to be delivered to our government later in the week.


Wellington Church of Scotland, 12-4PM

Come along and make Glasgow’s voice heard!

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Details TBC. Sorry! Please message us with any enquiries:

Day of Disruption

As the climate crisis progresses, we can no longer continue with the “business as usual” pursuit of private profit. We will be peacefully disrupting business as usual with planned actions in prominent places.

These actions are non-violent, non-arrestable, legal, peaceful actions.


Meet us at the Clydeside Ampitheatre at 4:30PM for a briefing on the action.


Meet us at Middle Meadow Walk at 11AM for a briefing on the action.

Day of Education

One of our demands is that the national educational curriculum is reformed to view the climate crisis as an educational priority.

Education is the first step towards lasting change and communicating the severity of the issue from childhood would be extremely effective.

For this reason, we are asking that teachers and lecturers take time out from their regularly scheduled lessons to teach about the climate crisis for one day.

Resources for your teachers are available here. Speak to your teachers and get them on board!

Glasgow Teachers Q&A Event

In Glasgow we are holding an after school Q&A session for teachers to come and learn about the climate crisis themselves, and find out more about why we strike from school.

This will be at 5:30-7PM at the Wellington Church of Scotland.

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Love for our Planet

On this day we ask you to take a little time off from the usual schedule and appreciate what’s around you. Appreciate nature, wildlife, the people around you, and all the amazing things in life.

We also remind you that during these troubling times, take care of yourself. At the core of it all, you are the most important, and you need to remember to take care of yourself.

In Edinburgh, we are organising a ‘Love for the Planet’ festival, details below.

Love for the Planet Festival

Infront of the Scottish Parliament Building, 4PM-6PM.

Come along and enjoy fun and games, and stalls from various eco businesses in Edinburgh.

This should be an amazing afternoon of live music, games, arts and crafts and more.

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Do Whats Necessary

Government action so far is inexcusable. We’d like to tell them that they have the power and the tools to make the change we need in order to halt the climate crisis, and ask why they aren’t doing it already.

We will be delivering the peoples declarations created on the Sunday to the Parliament at the same time as a big rally!

Scottish Parliament Building,


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End of the Beginning

To wrap up the Week of Action, we need to say: This isn’t over. We will keep striking until the Scottish Government, and all the other governments of the world, commit to climate justice. We cannot continue polluting our planet.

We are holding strikes and community events all over Scotland, including in some smaller locations who didn’t have the logistical capacity to hold a strike on the 20th.