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We have been given less than 10 years to drastically reduce our carbon emissions or we risk setting off an irreversible chain reaction which will have devastating consequences. Millions of lives, hundreds of thousands of species and habitats are threatened by the climate crisis and we are running out of time to act. That’s why our organisation exists.


We are a group of young people part of the Scottish branch of the international youth movement, Fridays for Future founded by Greta Thunberg in 2018. We have been campaigning for the decarbonisation of Scotland and for the Government to meet our demands. We organise huge demonstrations and other events as well as meet with politicians to discuss our aims.


We are taking action on the 25th of September to demand a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and continue the fight for climate action. Join us in making our voices heard.


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We are striking because we are terrified. The science shows we have very little time left until the climate crisis becomes irreversible. We have already seen some of devastating impacts that climate change is having; wildfires destroying homes and claiming lives in Australia, sea level rise that’s threatening low-lying Pacific island, desertification in communities living near the Sahara desert, loss of Artic ice leaving Polar Bears starving and countless more serious consequences. These extreme weather events will not only become more severe but also more frequent, the future of humanity will be heavily influenced and even put at risk if we don’t follow the scientific advice to reduce carbon emissions by 2030.


Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, Governments and world leader are still reluctant to take the necessary action to prevent this crisis from worsening. That’s why we’re putting our education on the line to take to the streets and protest the inaction and ignorance. Millions of lives are depending on the steps taken within the next decade and this is no time to be polite, we must be loud and determined and we must never give up.

power to the people


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"No one is too small to make a difference."
Greta Thunberg
Youth Environmental Activist