Young changemakers take to the streets in resounding climate strike

On 3 March, Fridays For Future, a global climate movement, will be organizing a massive climate strike in Edinburgh. The protestors will gather at Middle Meadow Walk and march towards the Scottish Parliament, starting at 11am.

The main focus of the strike will be to shed light on the devastating impacts of fossil fuels on our planet and its inhabitants, as well as the lives being sacrificed in the pursuit of new oil and gas resources.

One of the activists, Adam Ballard, who is only 17 years old, voiced his concerns, stating that both the climate crisis and the cost of living crisis stem from the unwillingness to transition away from fossil fuels. He heavily criticized the current system, highlighting how it prioritizes profit over the well-being of people and the planet.

Ballard further added that while average people are cornered into making difficult choices between having heat or food, those in power and fossil fuel CEOs continue to reap unimaginable profits.

After the march, a rally will be held in front of the Scottish Parliament. Various organizations, such as Stop Rosebank, Youth in Resistance, the Edinburgh High School Students Union, and Palestine Action, will provide speeches and share their experiences, supporting the cause.

Niamh Gill, a 16-year-old participant, stressed the importance of scientific evidence, pointing out that any further development of oil, gas, or coal projects is simply not sustainable for a livable future. Gill expressed disappointment in the UK government for keeping options like the Rosebank, Jackdaw, and Whitehaven coal mine open instead of investing in renewable energy sources and ensuring a just transition for workers and society as a whole.

In light of these issues, Fridays for Future Edinburgh is calling on all individuals to come together on 3 March and stand against the expansion of fossil fuels and the UK government’s continuous support of such projects.

Join the global climate strike on March 3rd in Edinburgh and make your voice heard against fossil fuels and the expansion of destructive projects. Together, we can fight for a sustainable future.

Young changemakers take to the streets in resounding climate strike
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